Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Read the following policies very carefully:
  • Find 24 fully respects the right to privacy of the customers and users. Any detail of any information provided by you to us, such as address, mobile number, particulars of credit card and the likes, would be thoroughly kept confidential.

  • Find 24 assures you that your personal data or information would never be used in any form unknown to you, and would never be disclosed to any party other than meeting the purpose of business, and if used, would be done under the due legal process.

  • Find 24 assures you that when it uses the personal information given by you and shares the data with subsidiaries, third parties, partners or any other associated, it is done with the objective of serving you through the defined business.

  • Find 24 has the full right to collect and analyze the patterns of how you use the site as a visitor, user or customer. This is done to meet the objective of improving the user-experience on the platform. This also includes sharing the data with its partners and business associates.

  • The business practice of Find 24 has the legal right of holding any online content or survey as permitted by legal bindings and can disseminate the gathered information to enhance the standard of services for its visitors. It also does mean sharing of the data with the subsidiaries and third parties.

  • If you want to clear your doubts about the services or any other aspects of Find 24, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • While Find 24 fully gives you the assurance of no misuse of the data or information provided by you, but it doesn’t guarantee you so. It is not responsible for any violation or any kind of misuse of the information by any unauthorized sources or individuals on the web environment.

  • Cookies – In order to personalize your experience on our platform, we might assign a cookie to your specific computer browser. It is a unique number that is used to randomly locate a user. Cookies help businesses to improve user-experience and performance of the website. There is no compromise with your privacy and / or security when you intend to accept a cookie from our web platform. Find 24 does not use your personal data. Cookies don’t have the capacity to read any kind of hard disk data or read other websites’ cookies.

  • Find 24 has the full right to revise and / or modify its privacy policy on a regular basis to make it more user-friendly.

  • When you access or use this website, you automatically agree to follow the laid terms and conditions and all aspects of privacy policy of Find 24.

  • While designing this web platform, we have particularly focused on receiving the attention of the user. We want to ensure that you are fully aware of all aspects of terms and conditions when you share your personal data on the site. Resultantly, there should be no issues when you share personal data with us. Find 24 assumes that you don’t have any kind of objections to the various segments of terms and conditions, and the privacy policy.