Gir National Park
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Sasan Gir Weekend Tour

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Inclusive of: GST, lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast, 1 Lion Safari in Gir National Park and 1 Devalia Gypsy Safari

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2N/3D Gir Tour Package

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Inclusive of: GST, lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast, 1 Lion Safari in Gir National Park, 1 Devalia Gypsy Safari and Local Sightseeing

Devalia Safari Park: More Than Usual!

Devalia Safari Park is a miniature replica of Gir, nestled in the Gir forest, the Gir Interpretation Zone. The 412-hectare safari park has practically all of Gir's typical animals and woods. The safari park's vision was to raise awareness about the Gir ecosystem's conservation benefits while providing guests with a one-of-a-kind and spectacular experience. Asiatic lions and other animals can be expected to be seen in their practically natural environment in a short time.

Other fauna like spotted deer, sambar, blue bulls, blackbuck, wild boars, Indian golden jackal, vulnerable and critically endangered vulture species, jungle cat, and other bird species may also be seen and appreciated. Devalia National Park is best visited throughout three seasons (monsoon, winter, and summer) of the year, providing an entirely new experience of the Gir forest's colors.

CORE ATTRACTION - The Lion Shows in Devalia Area!

The best method to discover the forest and observe the lions is to attend the Lion Shows organized by the association in the Dewaliya region. The spectacle will now be replaced by jungle excursions, increasing the probability of seeing this regal beast. Seeing a wild lion is exceedingly tricky since one must have patience and courage to reach the places where the lions are visible throughout the day.

The park offers three safari paths for seeing wildlife and the outdoors. The welcome area of Devalia Safari Park is where the forest departments' specially constructed small safari buses operate. These safaris guarantee exceptional sightings and a one-of-a-kind wilderness experience. You may also opt for Devalia National Park Booking and take a safari trip with a qualified eco-guide from Sinh Sadan Campus for a more customized safari experience. Each gypsy may accommodate six tourists (including one kid aged 3 to 12).

Best Time To Visit Devalia Safari Park

  • ➠ Devalia Safari Park: An outstanding destination for the winter
  • ➠ Peak Season To Visit Devalia Safari Park - From September through February
  • ➠ Moderate Season To Visit Devalia Safari Park - From July through August
  • ➠ Off-season To Visit Devalia Safari Park - From March through June

A Few Things To Expect: There will be moderate temperatures during the day, followed by colder temperatures at night. National parks are one of the things you'll love. We encourage you to reach us on the contact number for Devalia Booking as mentioned above on our website if you want to learn more.

Timings For Devalia National Park Booking

Aside from the Tiger, the safari trip in Devalia National Park lets passengers explore the park's various fauna and view creatures like lions, wild boars, sloth bears, and other animals. The jeep safari begins in Devalia National Park, with each tour departing at a specific hour. A guide and a driver accompany each vehicle on safari. First, before the jeep safari commences, tourists must assemble at a preset spot and the place from where the jeep safari departs.

Devalia Gypsy Safari Timing

Morning Evening
7 AM To 7:55 AM 3 PM To 3:55 PM
8 AM To 8:55 AM 4 PM To 4:55 PM
9 AM To 9:55 AM 5 PM To 5:55 PM
10 AM To 10:55 AM

Note: Devalia Safari Park remains closed on every wednesday.

Devalia Bus Safari Timing

Morning Evening
8:00 am – 8:30 am 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
8:30 am – 9:00 am 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
9:00 am – 9:30 am 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm
9:30 am – 10:00 am 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
10:00 am – 10:30 am
10:30 am – 11:00 am

Devalia National Park Tour Packages

Tired of squandering your weekends with a solemn demeanor? Do you want to add some animal adventure to your weekend activities? The Devalia Forest Booking package is the right approach if you answer yes.

Our Devalia tour packages will allow you to explore the whole Devalia National Park. This wonderful protected area is a wildlife and environment lover's dream. A nature trip with unusual animal species and plantations may be appreciated. So don't simply sit back and relax; brace yourself for a crazy ride. Check out our numerous and affordable Devalia Safari Booking Website tour packages and wildlife safari choices for an all-inclusive and fantastic wildlife experience.

Keep your digicam moving to capture breathtaking images of your surroundings to enhance your interaction with nature's spellbinding charm.

Devalia Safari Park online Booking

To visit Devalia Safari Park, visitors must first get admission permission. In most cases, entry permits are obtained at the Tourist Reception Center. To prevent the last-minute rush, it is best to obtain a license online. We provide Devalia online Booking for Devalia Safari, which saves you the trouble of waiting in long lines for passes. To use the services of the online Gir Permit booking system, one must provide tourist information like as ID proof, name, age, ethnicity, Etc. However, bare in mind that permissions obtained online are non-refundable.

Devalia Gypsy Safari Price / Charges

Indian Foreign Citizen
INR 4000 Per Jeep INR 12000 Per Jeep

Note: In one jeep maximum 6 persons (plus one child between 3-12 years) are allowed.

* The Price includes permit charges, Guide charge and Gypsy charge.

Devalia Bus Safari Price / Charges

Indian Foreign Citizen
INR 250 Per Person INR 4000 Per Person

The permit doesn't include the Guide charge (Rs. 400 only), which must be paid seperately to respective Guides

Devalia lion safari booking

If you're thinking about taking a wildlife vacation to Devalia's most thrilling safari tour, book your safari and package immediately and unwind while on your trip. Since the sanctuary has a finite range of lodging options and safari seats, we always urge that you plan your vacation ahead of time. As a result, making internet Devalia Forest Booking in Devalia is essential.

Devalia Jeep/Gypsy Booking

Likewise, Devalia is also referred to as the "Gir Interpretation Zone." Officials have designated Devalia National Park as a unique eco-tourism destination. This Zone allows travelers to see rare Gir lions and other wild creatures. You complete the watching in the least amount of time yet at a lower cost. The Zone has been successful in minimizing all types of tourism-related problems.

Additionally, having deviated from the Devalia Lion Reserve's central region, travelers have thoroughly understood Gir's significance and its fauna. Connected Ha chain fences have nicely segregated the area. The region is known as "Gir in Nutshell" is surrounded by 412 hectares of chain-link fences. It includes all habitat types and significant representatives of Gir's fauna.

Hotels & Resorts at Devalia Lion Safari Park

The picturesque Devalia National Park is the best site in Gujarat for nature lovers and wildlife aficionados. Because of its wide variety of exotic flora and fauna, it is one of the most visited national parks in the country. Every year, many travelers visit this park to enjoy its natural beauty.

To facilitate this influx, many hotels have been built on the edges of Devalia National Park. All of these hotels offer luxury facilities and services to prominent tourist spots. Our great prices and packages will provide you with a pleasant and picturesque stay on the borders of Devalia.

If you enjoy the environment and animals, look no further than the Devalia Lion Reserve for a rustic place to stay. So, after a long day of jungle activities, unwind in your lovely tents, taste local food, and explore the surrounding area!

How to Reach Devalia Lion Safari Park?

⇨ Reaching Devalia By Road

The distance is roughly 56 kilometers from Junagadh and 13 kilometers from Sasan village. If you are arriving from outside Gujarat, the two most usual starting points are Rajkot (160 miles) and Ahmedabad (375 km). The welcome center may be found in Devalia Safari Park and the Sinh Sadan Campus in Sasan.

⇨ Reaching Devalia By Rail

The nearest station is at Sasan village, some 13 kilometers from the Devalia Lion Reserve. From Rajkot or Ahmedabad, one may take a rail to Junagadh and then a local train to Sasan or a 55-kilometer road drive. There are also regular bus and taxi services available.

⇨ Reaching Devalia By Air

Rajkot, around 160 kilometers distant, has the nearest airport. Airports in Diu and Ahmedabad are also alternatives.

Devalia National Park: Distance from Major cities

  • ➠ Distance from Ahmedabad to Devalia – 375 kilometers
  • ➠ Distance from Rajkot to Devalia – 160 kilometers
  • ➠ Distance from Somnath to Devalia – 43 kilometers
  • ➠ Distance from Junagadh to Devalia – 48 kilometers

If you're a tiger enthusiast, you'll appreciate the thrill of capturing the large cat's piercing glance in the eyes and royal walk-on video. Visit Gujrat's Devalia Lion Reserve, the state's most prominent and leading tiger reserve, to glimpse the excitement.

Devalia National Park is ideal for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Flora and fauna are the place’s remarkable and significant wonders. This location is nothing short of divine. If you are a true nature lover and want to see wilderness in its natural setting, then visit Devalia National Park to experience the beauty in person. The Devalia Safari Booking system has made the entry process very simple and easy. Whether you want to see Asiatic lions, jackals, leopards, antelopes, and deer, this place has it all.

Book a Devalia safari with us to learn about our prices, costs, and charges and bring out the wildlife buff within you!

Important Info to know before Booking:

  • Visitors are requested to arrive at the Boarding Point at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time mentioned on the e- permit. E-Permit will get canceled in case of late arrival after departure time. No refund will be entertained in such cases.
  • At the time of online booking for each and every traveler, ID Proof like number/type, etc should be provided as in the original Id proof. Bookings with incomplete or incorrect ID proof will be considered invalid. No permit will be issued against such booking and No refund will be made to the person making such booking.
  • At the time of collecting permit, presenting the Original IDs for every person (same given during E-Booking) is compulsory, without the Original IDs, no entry shall be permitted.
  • Permit issuing authority reserves the right of cancellation of e-permits.
  • Camera Fee: Rs. 200 (Indians) & Rs. 1400 (Foreigners) has to be paid before the safari starts.
  • Devalia Safari Park remains closed every Wednesday

Facts About Devalia Safari Booking

  • Limited number of entry permit for the safari is issued by the forest department every day. It is served on the first come and first serve.
  • In one E-permit maximum 6 +1 Child (3 to 12 years) persons will be accommodate.
  • In every slot of jeep safari ride only 30 jeep are allowed by the forest department
  • In a single permit only 6 +1 Child (3 to 12 years) person can visit Gir Interpretation Zone
  • Permit is issued purely on first come and first serve basis
  • You can book permit 3 months before the exact date of your travel date
  • Do not forget to carry your ID proof in original, it is mandatory while making entry at the gate
  • Please carry the same ID card that you produced at the time of booking

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